Every Columbas Day Weekend!!

FRI OCT 7th ~ FRI Evening in Times Square!
SAT OCT 8th ~ SAT All Day & All Night on Old Sancarlos Blvd!
SUN OCT 9th ~ SUN All Day with a Big Drum Circle/Cannon Close!


Ahoy mateys! Welcome to the Salty Sam’s 10th Annual Pirate Fest brought to you by Salty Sam’s Waterfront Adventures and benefiting the Guardian Ad Litem Foundation, Bay Oaks Recreational Campus, and Ostego Bay Marine Science Center!

We invite ye to a great ol’ time with yer lads and lasses as we host a slew of pirates, wenches, corsairs, and beauties at the historic Seaport of Fort Myers Beach. Enjoy great entertainment all day Saturday and Sunday with melodies and shows on two stages or watch our ships go to battle with thar cannons.

Thar’s something for all at our ol’ festival… meet with your hearties at the Friday Night Pub Crawl Quest or the Saturday Night Gathering in Times Square with awards fer Best Garb and Entertainment, or hang on to your coins while you play pub games with pirates in our Inaugural Pirate Ball. And be sure to see the Thieves’ Market fer all the latest booty!

Two of the last great Pirate Captains will face off in The Clash at Matanzas Pass. Who will prevail: The cursed Black Brothers, or the wily Captain Robert Flood?

A storm is brewing near the Port!


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